Chapter 5. Future Plans

5.1. What other Doom ports do you plan to support?

Doom Legacy has recently (May 2002) been added to the Debian package archive, so it would be the ideal candidate to add, as it should just drop onto the system as it exists right now and run. Doom Legacy is a port of Doom with a lot of cool features, including 'mouselook', jumping, and blood splash effects on walls. OpenGL support in Doom Legacy is the bomb. Eventually, I'd like to add every Doom/Heretic port that runs in Linux.

5.2. What other programs do you plan to support?

Here's a small list that I've been thinking about adding to PortaBoom. First priority is to get PrBoom working 100%, then maybe Doom Legacy (see above), then the list below:

5.3. Do you plan to support game servers?

Yes, game server support is planned both using a GUI interface, and a serial console interface, for running headless. A headless game server can do all kinds of neat and wierd things, like:

Both PrBoom and Doom Legacy support external game servers for multiplayer games. Using PortaBoom, you would be able to quickly set up a game server on any old unused computer.