Chapter 2. Getting Started with PortaBoom

2.1. What do I need to run PortaBoom?

  1. Bandwidth to download a large (~50Megabyte) file

  2. A CD ROM burner and burning software, to burn the ISO image

  3. Probably the bare minimum hardware you will need to make this run includes:

And here's a list of other hardware that PortaBoom supports in addition to the requirements above:

2.2. What do I need to burn the PortaBoom CD image?

The PortaBoom image can be burned with a computer equipped with a CD-ROM burner (CD-RW's work too), and any CD recording program that can burn an ISO image. You can use 'cdrecord' in Linux/Unix, and Nero or CDRWin in Windows with good results.

2.3. Okay, I have a PortaBoom CD. Now what?

Put the CD in your CD drive and boot it. You may have to fiddle with the BIOS settings on your computer to make it boot off of a CD. The CD image may also not work at all, as some comptuers have problems booting El Torito (bootable) CD's. Not to worry, you can boot off of a floppy image, and the floppy image will then boot off of the CD. Once you get the CD booted, go check out the PortaBoom User's Guide. The User's Guide will take you from booting the system to using the PortaBoom GUI interface.