PortaBoom Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Brian Manning

Table of Contents
1. General Information
1.1. What is PortaBoom?
1.2. Do I need to know about Linux to run PortaBoom?
1.3. Where did you get the name/idea from?
1.4. What's up with the SourceForge ISO not having WAD files?
1.5. What Linux distribution is PortaBoom based off of?
2. Getting Started with PortaBoom
2.1. What do I need to run PortaBoom?
2.2. What do I need to burn the PortaBoom CD image?
2.3. Okay, I have a PortaBoom CD. Now what?
3. How PortaBoom is Built
3.1. How do I make changes to PortaBoom?
3.2. What did you use to build PortaBoom?
4. Troubleshooting Problems with PortaBoom
4.1. The PortaBoom CD does not boot on my system
4.2. I booted the CD, but I get a message about video modes
5. Future Plans
5.1. What other Doom ports do you plan to support?
5.2. What other programs do you plan to support?
5.3. Do you plan to support game servers?
6. References (Links Page)
6.1. Doom Ports, and related utilites
6.2. Computer Emulators
6.3. Unix Games
6.4. Other Games
6.5. Other Software
A. Credits
A.1. PortaBoom Credits
List of Figures
4-1. Typical computer BIOS boot order screen (from a Phoenix BIOS)
4-2. Undefined video mode error from the Linux kernel message