Chapter 3. PortaBoom Control Center

3.1. PortaBoom Control Center

PortaBoom Control Center (PCC for short) is an application which allows you to set up Sound, Networking , and File Shares, and launch games/applications. PCC is the first thing you will see when you boot a PortaBoom CD.

3.2. PCC Controls

Network Setup Button - This button takes you to the network setup screen, where you can load a network driver module, and then set up a static or dynamic IP address for your computer.

Sound Setup Button - This button takes you to the sound setup screen, where you can load a sound card module, set the volume control of the sound card, and test the sound card to make sure it's working properly.

Chooser Option Button - This is where you choose what "action" you want to take place when you press the Go! button. Right now, you can choose one of four actions:

  1. Run tkBoom - This option will run the tkBoom program, which lets you start a game of Doom.

  2. Halt the System - This option will halt the computer

  3. Reboot the System - This option will reboot the computer

  4. Restart PCC - This will restart PCC. Use this if you make a mistake in setting something up, or if the program starts not working correctly. Note that any driver modules that you have loaded remain loaded, as well as any shares that you have created will remain in place.

Go! Button - The Go! button will initiate the action selected with the Chooser option button. This means whatever option you have chosen, will be carried out when you press this button.